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Killer Banshee Studios is currently massively increasing their functional art offerings. Check back here for more details on these soon. In the mean time check out what they have in their shop.


Eliot K Daughtry's artwork can be seen at or see his projects in progress at The Uncanny Valley site is beginning to come along. Check it out too!

Greetings from Robot City was shown Fall 2007 @ Femina Potens in San Francisco.

Kriss De Jong's artwork can be seen at

Kriss & Eliot also create live video art together. You can see more about their video works in the video area of the site, including recent shows in NYC for the Whitney Biennial, Le Petit Versailles & Bowery Poetry Club.

If you are interested in buying functional art pieces created by the Killer Banshees, check out the shop.

Check for current gallery shows for either Kriss or Eliot.

You can also check out past show cards and 'walk through' past gallery shows.

Everybody Loves Robots
Model_23 creates artwork
by Eliot K Daughtry

Frottage by Kriss De Jong
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