AUDIO PROJECTS from Killer Banshee

KBS is currently recording:
Juba Kalamka | Dutchboy | Lynnee Breedlove | Ntozake Shange

KBS is currently in Post on:
In-house projects

KBS productions:
Deep Dickollective, On Some Other | Godspeed the Audiobook | Lynnee Breedlove Solo EP | Tribe 8, Thanks for the Mammaries | Ntozake Shange & David Murray, Wild Flowers | Passiondoll, Viscous Transvestite | Bad'N'Wrong, Live Soundscapes Vol. 1

KBS recorded, mix, &/or mastered:
Juba Kalamka, Ooogabooga Beats EP | Deep Dickollective, The Famous Outlaw League of Proto Negros | Deep Dickollective, Them Niggas Done Went and Said... | Deep Dickollective, Movin' b/w Straighttrippin' (C-Phlavormix) 7"

KBS audio(post) for video prod:
By Hook or By Crook | By Hook or By Crook | 1061 Knapsack | Miss Hell | Fumbling Toward Rock: The Helen & Miriam Story

Audio Projects @ Killer Banshee Studios
Killer Banshee Studios works on a wide range of audio projects. Current projects include audiobooks, audio for video, post production, audio recording for a variety of performers and composition projects of their own including a new recordings in the works called Tango Concrete.

More about in house projects coming soon.


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