10th Annual T-10 Video Festival: featuring works that clock in at 10 minutes or less

Festival Dates: Thursday July 15-Friday July 16, 2010

21 Grand and Killer Banshee Studios present:

The 10th Annual T-10 Video Festival
two nights celebrating short videos

July 15 & 16, 2010
Doors 8.00pm
Screening 8.30pm
21 Grand
416 25th St. (at Broadway)
Oakland, CA 94612

This year's featured artists:
Lynn Marie Kirby , Thursday July 15
killer banshee, Friday July 16

Thursday, July 15 (see details) Friday July 16 (see details)
The Bulb
Corrine Bot
Slow Motion Suicide
Sean Clute
Mechanical Bull
James & Robert Dastoli
Keep Watching the Skies
Thorston Fleisch
Wound Footage
Michael Goodier
The François Show
James Fontana
I Said Silence
Juba Kalamka
The Honorable Henry Ford Civilization Machine
Makiko Fukaya
Nightmare City in collaboration with Elise Irving
Lee Hunter
Resonant City
George Pfau
Whispering Beast
Tricia Lawless Murray
Kathleen Quillian
Andrew Makadsi
Damon Smith
"Cardboard" for Robert Rauschenberg
Michael Mantra
Pixel Dub
Jerry Smith
Forest Feed
Pinky Out Productions
Yesterday's Tomorrows
Elizabeth Tolson
Angela Rodriguez
Dream of Murder
Catie Vercammen- Grandjean
See No Evil
V.K. Shah
Welcome to Shady Pines
Hong Zhang
How Far is it to EXPO 2010
Samantha Stevens
Thrift Town: Get Used
Viva Zapatos!! LONG LIVE SHOES!!!
Feature Artist:
Lynn Marie Kirby

Time Dilations
Study in Choreography for Camera Remote
Latent Light Excavations 2003-2010
Karate Class Exposure  Part 1: The Space Itself (silent), Part 3: Second Star Kata, Part 2: Points of Contact
Listening to Letters
Feature Artist:
killer banshee
Unleashed Power
A Wake for Analog: a work in 3 parts

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