The Effort Was In Peril

Double Vision
E x p a n d e d Cinema Spectacular

Saturday October 13, 2007, 8.30pm $7
ATA 992 Valencia St @ 21st, SF 94110

The Effort Was in Peril
An Absurdist View from the Trenches of Multimedia Gulch

Brought to you by Oakland artists
killer banshee & Resistance Works

When the robot invasion of the dot com culture wasn't going as planned,
the yes mean arrived, sealing the fate of a thousand ideas -- at least
five of which were good. Shadow puppet robot lemmings march in live
video manipulations jamming to real time audio cassette cutup.

Improvising performative imagery, killer banshee distills culture, politics,
& technology, amplifying meanings of public & private media.

Resistance Works. Audio composition revealed using contra-conventional
technology & recursive analog assemblage.

Other Cinema hoists its super-wide screen for 4 - count'em four
double-projection performances in this ambitious celebration of cinema in real time.

killer banshee (Kriss De Jong & Eliot K Daughtry) w/ Resistance Works (T4)
Katherin McInnis & Ben Furstenberg
Kerry Laitala & Stephen Parr
Melinda Stone & Sam Sharkey

Come early to sip absinthe & interact w/ Craig Baldwin's robo-strobo-scope!

Katherin McInnis & Ben Furstenberg debut a stereoscopic psychogeographic tour of the
Mission’s legendary Woodward Gardens. Kerry Laitala and Stephen Parr juxtapose 16mm
Sex-Ed films—male & female—in Human Sexual Response. Eliot K Daughtry & Kriss De Jong
of killer banshee engage in a live twin-image visual dialogue, The Effort Was in Peril,
whilst Resistance Works' Thurston Graham conjures up sonic counterpoint.
Melinda Stone & Sam Sharkey open the show with a new bouncing-ball sing-a-long.