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Performance Documentation Excerpted from illuminated corridor
'NOVA' Whitney Biennial

   Pan around illcorr NOVA [m4v | flash]
   killer banshee ground proj. [m4v | flash]
   killer banshee wall projection [m4v | flash]

   kriss screen ground proj. [m4v | flash]

Le Petit Versailles
   Mobility [m4v | flash]
   Unleashed Power [m4v | flash]
     (World Premiere)

Bowery Poetry Club
   killer banshee
      The Effort Was in Peril
| flash]
      Politics of Fear [m4v| flash]

      Unleashed Power [m4v| flash]

   Zero Boy [m4v| flash]
   Zero Content [m4v| flash]
   Goddess Micropilot Clip 1 [m4v| flash]

   Goddess Micropilot Clip 2 [m4v| flash]

   Goddess Micropilot Clip 3 [m4v| flash]

   Goddess Micropilot [m4v| flash]

Video documentation

Whitney Biennial - Illuminated Corridor NOVA
May 31, 2008 - Gansevoort Plaza New York in conjunction with Neighborhood Public Radio

killer banshee ground projection (3.52min - flash*)

* if you can't view the flash files click here for mp4 alternate.

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