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8th Annual T-10 Festival Bios (alphabetical by last name)
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Featured Artist:

Bill Basquin         San Francisco, CA

See detailed featured artist bio.

See Sunday videos.

Corrine Bot              Rotterdam, NL

Corrine Bot is a Video Artist. Recent showing including winning 1st Prize Total Film Festivals Cinema Paradiso Fort Lauderdale. Recent showings: Les Inattendus (Lyon, France), Platforma07 (Athens, Greece), Tirana Int’l Film Fest (Albania), Varmlansk Filmfestival (Arvika, Sweden), Int’l Fest of TV (Barcelona), Euroshorts (Warsaw, Poland), Videolab Lagos (Portugal), And many other International Festivals.

Claire Burch                      Berkeley, CA

Claire Burch formed a public educational non-profit making documentaries about the disabled population and the homeless disabled population, since 1989. Her archive of over six thousand hours of footage that gave a face and voice to the disabled and the disabled homeless, provides an endless source of insight into people all too easily stereotyped in our society.

Vienne Chan            Shanghai, China

Vienne Chan was born in Hong Kong. She attended university in Canada where she pursued graduate studies in the philosophy of religion. She currently resides in Shanghai. lesviennoiseries AT gmail COM com

How to Make a Sandwich Wiljago Cook                        Oakland, CA US

Wiljago Jean Cook is a confused, multi-genre artist living in East Oakland. She started eating paint at a tender age and was soon intellectually diminished enough to decide to be an Artist. She has sullied the legacies of painting, collage, sound installation, video, digital photography, and electronic music. Her neophyte abominations have been put on display for public disapproval at City College of San Francisco, Mills College and the Boontling Gallery. wiljago AT assassinbeetle DOT net
Dina Danish                                                                                 San Francisco, CA
Robert Ladislas Derr                  Columbus, OH

Robert Ladislas Derr has performed and exhibited worldwide at such venues as LIVE Performance Art Biennale (Vancouver), Blueroom (Rome), Bissaya Barreto’s Foundation (Coimbra, Portugal), DiVA Festival (New York), Int’l Festival of Electronic Art 404 (Rosari, Argentina). It can be said that he puts himself literally in the center of a barrage of questions about life and making art. Derr received an MFA from RISD & is an assistant professor of photography at Ohio State University.

Featured Artist:

Anthony Discenza                        Oakland, CA

See detailed featured artist bio.

See Saturday videos.

Matthew Dotson & Bart Woodstrup                                Iowa City, IA

Matthew Dotson spent many years of his life fiddling around with tape machines and rusty garbage in the sleepy town of Sycamore, IL before managing to acquire an undergrad degree in Media Studies & a Masters Degree in Computer Music & New Media Technology from Northern Illinois University. Currently he is pursuing a PhD in Composition from the University of Iowa. His works have been performed in Chicago, Kansas City, Mississippi, San Diego, Vancouver, Poland, Argentina, Brazil & Italy. matthew-dotson AT uiowa DOT edu

Bart Woodstrup is currently an MFA candidate in the Integrated Electronic Arts Program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY where he is studying with Pauline Oliveros, Michael Century, Shawn Lawson and Curtis Bahn. His goals are to understand and manipulate the aesthetics, semiotics and narratives of various time-based media. This takes the form of traditional musical composition, real-time interactive audio/video performance, multimedia installation and networked experience. He received his Masters of Music in Computer Music and New Media Technology at Northern Illinois University.

Jan Hakon Erichsen          Oslo, Norway

Jan Hakon Erichsen is a Norwegian artist who makes installations and videos. His art deals with the domestic and the masculine. Ordinary household items are the starting point for most of his art making. He has exhibited installation works in different Norwegian galleries and partaken in numerous international video festivals after he finished his education at the National Academy of Arts in Oslo.

Michael & Alan Fleming     La Grange Park, IL

Alan and Michael currently live and work outside of Chicago. They recently graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with BFA degrees in painting. They have been working collaboratively since 2005 and have been twin brothers since 1985. Their work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. They’ve been awarded the Group 4 Award from the Foundry Art Centre and a group exhibition award for video work in 2008.
Gerard Freixes Ribera           Igualada, Spain

Gerard Freixes has done short fiction films as Caso 183 while working as a video editor. Aislado is a more experimental way of expression. Since its realization, the video has won several Videoart festivals in Spain including 1st Prize Experimental cinema at Festival Vallecas Puerta de Cine and Best Audiovisual creation Las Rozas, Winner Foc Art and special mention FIVAD. gerardfreix AT hotmail DOT com

Mike Goodier           Oakland, CA US

Michael Goodier is a filmmaker living in the San Francisco bay area and currently working towards an MFA in new media at California College of the Arts. He was born and raised in Rhode Island and moved to California after receiving his under graduate degree in Film studies at Rhode Island College. mgoodier AT cca DOT edu

Michael Hall                  Oakland, CA

Hall is a MFA candidate at Mills College in Oakland. He received his BFA from California College of the Arts. He has shown at such venues as Southern Exposure (San Francisco), Tucson Museum of Art, New Image Art Gallery (Los Angeles), Nexus Gallery (Berkeley). Hall lives and works in Oakland.

Samara Halperin            Bay Area, CA

Samara Halperin is a filmmaker from New York City, currently living in Oakland, California. She has been making short films and videos for queer youth since she was a queer youth and has screened in more than 50 film festivals worldwide. She received a BFA in film from Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA in film from The California College of Arts and Crafts. Halperin teaches at Mills College and won a 2007 Goldie Award.
Bang Geul Han                               Royal Oak, MI

Based in the US since 2002, Bang Geul Han was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. She received her BFA from Seoul National University and MFA in Electronic Integrated Arts from Alfred University. Han has exhibited in venues and museums in the US, Korea, China, Australia, Argentina and Japan. She was an Artist in Residence at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in 2007. han.banggeul AT gmail DOT com
Karl Heinz Jeron             Berlin, Germany

Jeron completed studies at Art Academy Munich and is a lecturer for Multimedia Art at the University of Arts Berlin. He’s won the net_sight prize, honarary mention at Prix Ars Electronica and 1st prize at Comtec Art Dresden. Jeron’s work has shown throughout Europe and in the United States.
Herb Heinz & Andrew Juris    San Francisco, CA

Andrew Juris is a long-time Bay Area artist fluent in many types of media including painting, video, art installation & music. His current work is focused on igniting the dormant creative and artistic senses in people and attempting to diffuse self-importance in himself and his viewers.

Herb Heinz likes to make experimental pop music and video. He has produced two solo albums and a collaborative CD with longtime collaborator, Mark Briggs. His hippie art rock band, dud, recently released their first DVD Eyes.
Cynthia Hooper          Eureka, CA

Cynthia was raised in Los Angeles, educated in the San Francisco Bay Area and now works and teaches in northern California. She’s long been fascinated by the conceptual complexities and unexpected formal beauty generated by overlooked and environmentally problematic landscapes and use video, painting and interdisciplinary projects to convey these interests. She’s exhibited throughout the US and has collaborated with the Center for Land Use Interpretation and artists’ collective SIMPARCH. She’s received various grants and residencies for her work.
Richard Jochum         New York, NY

Richard Jochum is currently a Visiting Scholar and Artist-in-Residence at Teachers College Columbia University in the Department of Arts and Humanities and the Film and Education Research Academy (FERA). He has worked as a media and video artist since the late 1990s and has had numerous international exhibitions and screenings. Richard received his PhD from teh University of Vienna in which he undertook a study of strategies of coping with complexity in contemporary philosophy. His MFA in sculpture & media art is from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. His most recent video installation was part of the 11th International Video Festival Videomedeja at the Museum of Vojvodina in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Franz Keller              Oakland, CA

Franz Keller is an artist, vj, and designer. He does great vinyl art, animated music videos, visual performances at concerts and galleries, toy packaging and many other projects. He’s well known for his Monkey Z T-shirts and Merchandise. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Design from UCLA.

Killer Banshee

Festival Curators:

Killer Banshee              Oakland, CA

killer banshee (Eliot K Daughtry & Kriss De Jong) creates challenging audiovisual art, with a focus on live, projected video works.Improvising performative imagery, killer banshee distills culture, politics, & technology, amplifying meanings of public & private media. killer banshee frequently collaborates with other artists. Current projects & recent performances include Illuminated Corridor (Advisory Board & performers), The Effort Was in Peril at ATA w/ Resistance Works, PeaceOUT 2007, a summer mini-tour of current works Mobility, Politics of Fear & Emergency Gender System. PEOPs Show with Fly. They are both exhibiting their 2d & 3d work throughout the United States.

Killer Banshee Studios is an independent artist's refuge, providing comprehensive facilities dedicated to the production of great work. Co-owners Kriss De Jong and Eliot K Daughtry created the space to allow a wide variety of interdisciplinary work to mix together. Whether a project involves audio, video, sculpture, or painting, all can be accomplished and supported at the Studios. They've worked with groups and projects such as Deep Dickollective, Juba Kalamka, Ntozake Shange & David Murray, Lynn Breedlove, Fly, Sini Anderson, Thurston Graham, Tribe 8, Steakhaus Productions, By Hook or By Crook, 1061 Knapsack, The Miriam & Helen Story.

They've co-curated other shows including EG:(r)Evolution of Gender for the National Queer Arts Festival.

killer banshee thoroughly enjoyed curating this festival...many great submissions. Decisions were difficult & quite a few films that didn't make it into the festival were cut simply due to the running time of the festival. Keep up the good work!

Ranu Mukherjee           San Francisco, CA

Ranu Mukherjee uses digital media, pigment, inks and text to make both static and moving pictures. She attempts to create a presence through surface which oscillates between fictional and observed/organic and synthetic worlds and is guided by interests in physical consciousness, otherness, futurism, fiction & conditions of excess. Her emergent years were spent working as ‘orphan drift’, a 4.5 person collective artist based in London who made video and AV performance, collage, text & print work. In 1994 they published the cyberpunk novel of the same name. She’s currently collaborating on “peritopia” (place at the edges). Venues where she has shown include: Cabinet Gallery, Tate Modern, Barbican Center (London), Kunstnernes Hus (Oslo), Barbara Thumm (Berline), Helen Pitt and Artspeak (Vancouver), Bang, Capetown, YCBA (San Francisco), Raindance and Oberhausen Int’l Film Festival. She has workd with electronica artists Apache61 and Kode9 and done live projections for countless audiovisual events. Ranu has a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and MFA from the Royal College of Art and is currently an adjunct professor on the MFA program at California College of the Arts.
No Doctors                         Oakland, CA US

Everything you knew of No Doctors has been flipped upside down again--these punks have twisted their ways through America’s sinews for years now, flogging at the strangest horses along the way. It would seem all mystic smoke and mirrors by now if we didn’t have documents of their sick growth; like mushrooms on a cow turd. They clearly feed off the dark and the damp and the subterranean; but the results cannot be measured with any conventional devices; nor reproduced even under the strictest of control environments.
Seppo Renvall            Helsinki, Finland

Seppo Renvall (Born 1963 in Helsinki, Finland) graduated 1989 from the Lahti Institute of Design. He has worked with photography, installations, happenings, films and videos since 1990. His works are shown widely around the world. Seppo Renvall is a founding member and the chairman of the Helsinki Filmmakers’ Co-op (founded 1989). He lives and works in Helsinki.
Jack Dingo Ryan         Nashville, TN

Jack Dingo Ryan attended Hunter College and received his BFA with a minor in Philosophy from the University of Oregon. Ryan worked as a commercial fisherman in Kodiak, Alaska before attending the University of Georgia in Athens where he received his MFA. In Nashville he is on the Board of Directors of Fugitive Projects, an artist’s alternative curatorial body and advocacy. He has shown in Nashville, Memphis, Portland, Seattle, Chattanooga, Austin, Athens GA, Basel Switzerland, Ireland. He has held teaching positions at Sewanee: University of the South, Bowling Green State University and The University of Georgia in Athens. He maintains a studio in Willamsburg area of Brooklyn and is on faculty at The SChool of Visual Arts in New York during summer semester. Fall and Spring he teaches at Watkins College of Art and Design in Nashville, TN.
Anita Sarrett & Gloria Bonilla           Oakland, CA

Anita Sarreett is a BFA student at California College of the Arts studying graphic design. She is a second-degree student, having received a BA in History and a BA in Peace & Conflict Studies from the University of California, Berkeley. This is her first film. Anita grew up in the Bay Area, CA. anitasarrett AT gmail DOT com

Gloria Bonilla is a BFA student at California College of the Arts studying photography. She’s a tranfer student from Broward CC in Florida. This is her first film. Gloria is originally from Caracas, Venezuela. gbonilla AT cca DOT edu
Pekka Sassi        Helsinki, Finland

Pekka Sassi (born 1969) lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Sassi´s work consists of installations, sound pieces, short films and music.

Katherine Terumi Shorb
          Austin, TX

k. terumi shorb is a multi-disciplinary artist with a Bachelor in Music composition from Oberlin College Conservatory and an MA in Radio-Television-Film from University of Texas at Austin. “task/in-progress” is the won the Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival Best Texas My Gay Movie award and was shown at the 621 Art Gallery in Tallahassee, FL. She taught race and gender theory, media studies and American studies at the University of Texas at Austin. She continues to present at college workshops and academic conferences. Her current projects include a mail art piece on creative inspiration and a solo performance opera about women and cancer titled Una Corda.

Adam Trowbridge      River Forest, IL

Adam Trowbridge is an anticommunicative artist, focused on research that fractures the intersection of sensation and cognition. Materially, his recent work has been in the form of generative text, live theater and video. He holds a BFA in painting and sculpture from the University of Central Florida. His is attending the University of Illinois at Chicago as a MFA studen in Electronic Visualization. His work has been featured nationally & internationally including Anthology Film Archives (NYC), Pleasure Dome (Toronto, Canada), New Forms Festival (Vancouver, Canada), Experimental Film & Video Festival (Seoul), and Square Eyes Festival (The Netherlands).

Tina Willgren       Stockholm, Sweden

Tina Willgren has recently shown at Sunset Cinema (Luxembourg), 12th Biennial of Moving Images (Geneva, Switzerland), Electric Rats Dream Video Dreams (Celje, Slovenia), Les Rencontres Internationales (Madrid, Berlin & Paris), Impakt Festival (Utrecht, NL), and many other festivals in South Africa, Europe and the US. She received her MA from Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm. tinawillgren AT yahoo DOT com