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Saturday January 12, 2008 8.30pm - Featured Artist Anthony Discenza
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How to Make a Sandwich Wiljago Cook                        Oakland, CA US
How to Make a Sandwich                       01:09   

A brief comedic video showing the ‘proper’ construction of a sandwich.
No Doctors                         Oakland, CA US
Tales Told to Tally The Tellerís Toll    08:52  

At the risk of artsy offense, No Doctors feel that the film speaks for itself.
Seppo Renvall            Helsinki, Finland
Back to the Humanity                   04:00

Back to Humanity is a video about industrialization, the all-mighty power of the machines and the destructivity which can’t be separated from them. We see car crashes, bullets shots etc. in extremely slow motion, with Zape Leppänens music, based on the sounds of steam engines. Images are originally shot by the inventor Harri Vanhala with the special camera that can shoot 10,000 frames/sec.

Mike Goodier           Oakland, CA US
Limbo                                     10:00

One side of a phone con-versation between a couple as they prepare to move to LA. The story is told from the guy’s perspective as he deals with the monotony of daily life.

Tina Willgren       Stockholm, Sweden
Wood Report                             01:57

A video inspired by television news and its techniques to portray and dramatize significant events. Camera movements, graphics and a jingle are used to highlight the content: events taking place in the Nacka Reserve, Stockholm, during May 2006. Durin the time of filming nothing of hot topic news value really took place, instead the every day action of the forest area, for example: dangling leaves and swaying tree branches, bird movements and the mere appearance of plants and objects in front of the camera create the actual “drama”.

Adam Trowbridge      River Forest, IL
snstncntnr.1                                03:42

Outside there is something opening, we watch. What did happen? Utilizing the chance operations of broken telematic machines to scramble and reorganize a fictional reality, frame by frame, snstncntnr.1 is an open work. The structure has been released to the Internet as XML and EDL ( so that anyone can apply it to video, or apply video to it.

Vienne Chan            Shanghai, China
Ghost Tape                              04:31

Chinese Dancers, a computer game & a bungee.

Matthew Dotson & Bart Woodstrup                                Iowa City, IA
Song Cycle for Haruki Murakami [movements 2 & 4]                     05:53

The impetus of this work was four quotes out of Haruki Murakami’s novel “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles.” The intention was to create a kind of pseudo-narrative out of just these four quotes; creating a new story out of fragments of the original. Wanting each movement of the work to be markedly different and thus depending on the visual presence of the quotes for coherency; Dotson found sonically Murakami’s work made it evident that, in the words of his main character, it should be “something concrete”. The foundation material was derived from several ambient recording that took place in and outside his apartment in Chicago. These recordings were used to symbolize “inner” and “outer” worlds; the interactions and tensions between which served to be the conceptual focus of piece. Soloists (cello, drum, flute and clarinet) were added in order to comment on these sonic environments and lend a sense of humanity and drama to the work. Bart Woodstrup created the video to supplement the sonic piece. The goal to have only simple, elegant white on black text challenged his creative process to visually imitate themes from each movement: insect wings, earth, dust and lcok...through animating their elements by properties of the sonic spectrum (brightness, noise, amplitude and pitch).
Cynthia Hooper          Eureka, CA
Bay Dredge                          08:13

Bay Dredge examines the somewhat bizarre spectacle & unexpected formal elegance of an imposing effluent pipe that spewed its contents along an unspoiled beach in rural northern California in the winter of 2007. This eleven mile-long pipe extended--vacuum cleaner-like--from a dredging barge at the local marina, across the marshes, and over the sand dunes to its final destination. The varied and distinctive contents of the bottom of Humboldt Bay were thus dramatically revealed to all who dared to venture near this powerful motif to economic expansion.

Franz Keller              Oakland CA
Cubicle                               02:30

Keller's work centers around Mr. Manley Cubicle and his descent into madness. Keller created and performed most of the music on this work in Reason with a little help from a guitarist friend Henry Barnes of Amps for Christ. His work pays homage to the music and videos of the 80's and touches the subjects of information overload and corporate dehumanization.

Pekka Sassi        Helsinki, Finland
Turning Green                     03:02

A short comedy which has something to do with the man’s relationship towards nature and himself.
Michael Hall                  Oakland, CA
Five Constant Factors               07:48

Five Constant Factors is a lyrical exploration of images taken from footage of the Normandy invasion in 1944. It derives its title from the Art of War by Sun Tsu. These factors are 1) The Moral Law, 2) Heaven, 3) Earth, 4) The Commander, 5) Method & Discipline.

Robert Ladislas Derr                  Columbus, OH
5 Lines                                                      01:25

A psychogeographical performance in which the elements including the site, performance, and placement of the video cameras converge to question the concept of line in space.

Dina Danish                                                                                 San Francisco, CA
All the Objects from Walgreens on Haight & Filmore that fits on Toast              01:19

The title says it all doesn't it.

Featured Artist:

Anthony Discenza with Michael Zbyszynski                         Oakland, CA
Overture (excerpted from News Cycle # 2)                                       04:30

“News Cycle 2” is a collaboration with electronic composer Michael Zbyszysnki, originally presented at the Getty Center in October 2006 as part of the “Distributed Memory” screening program curated by Julie Lazar. Continuing themes investigated in earlier works such as “November” and “Backscatter,” the work takes a single day’s worth of news broadcasts from all of the major cable news networks, and reprocesses this information into a suite of seven “passages” that takes us from early morning, midday, afternoon, and into late evening. The live audio interface, custom-designed by Zbyszysnki, allows the composer to extract data from individual horizontal lines of video using a Wacom tablet, and uses this data to “sculpt” the audio in real time. “Overture” is the first of the seven passages, representing an entry point into the news information set. This section does not employ the interface designed by Zbyszysnki, but only the found audio from the source material.

Featured Artist:

Anthony Discenza                       Oakland, CA
Viewing # 1                                            09:30

“Viewing # 1” represents a more recent shift in my work towards the use of text. The work is a meditation on the proliferation of images in the age of information, and the limits of both textual and visual modes of representation. Assembled from fragments of texts gathered by searching Google for a specific phrase--“as the image becomes”-- the work uses a computer-generated voice to describe an imaginary image under continuously shifting terms, in order to construct a wholly internal viewing experience.

Featured Artist:

Anthony Discenza & Torsten Z. Burns                                  Oakland, CA
AfterLifers: Walking & Talking (ExtenDead Version) HalfLifers           22:30

The HalfLifers, an ongoing collaboration between Anthony DIscenza and Torsten Z. Burns, exhume cinema’s favorite incarnation of mindless, decaying mortality in the hopes of breathing new life into this misunderstood figure. From a panel discussion in an old TV studio to a quarantined helicopter high above California’s rolling hills, we join a pair of life-challenged entities as they walk, talk, and chew over some of the more difficult questions of this “whole linear birth-death system.”