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Sunday January 13, 2008 8.30pm - Featured Artist Bill Basquin
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Samara Halperin            Bay Area, CA
Hard Hat Required                    03:10

Conditions can be rough on the construction site.

Jack Dingo Ryan         Nashville, TN
I Fell for You                          01:01

Ryan’s work is informed by ideas associated with our relationship to the landscape and philosophical concepts like pathetic fallacy, the sublime and frontier theory.

Claire Burch                      Berkeley, CA
ART and EDUCATION Media              08:59

Documentary about our failed health system. Giving a mentally ill woman living on the street a voice.

Michael & Alan Fleming     La Grange Park, IL
Untitled                                             04:06

This video captures a series of interventions in urban spaces. Through continual attempts at balance, twin brothers, Michael & Alan, mimic structural elements of the architecture. These momentary sculptures created by their figures take place in the peripheral landscape of the everyday. Their poses become formal comments on the architecture while simultaneously questioning the body’s relationship to urban space. The video ultimately brings up questions of identity, phenomenology and uniformity.

Gerard Freixes Ribera           Igualada, Spain
Aislado (Isolated)                                03:30

Exploration of loneliness and anonymity in urban crowds through the comparison between isolation in today’s metropolis and the iconic image of a shipwreck on a desert island.

Anita Sarrett & Gloria Bonilla           Oakland, CA
The Knitting Factory                                  02:50

The Knitting Factory is a film exploring the interplay of the past with the present and the interaction of handwork and labor.

Bang Geul Han                               Royal Oak, MI
3 things that mom doesn’t have to know       09:18

3 short narratives on correction, juxtaposition, and composition. Through the interplay among colors, sound, fictional stories and interviews...address the issues of sexualities & cultural taboos embedded in my gestures of speaking, reading and writing.
Karl Heinz Jeron             Berlin, Germany
Binge Eating                                   02:47

Video about a person suffering from a binge eating disorder. The film uses found footage material retrieved from Google Image Search. The search was on fashion and serotonin. Binge Eating is the attempt to describe a real situation and a possible experience. It is about perceptions and feelings.
Herb Heinz & Andrew Juris    San Francisco, CA
Les Sommeils d’Homme (Field of Bread)    03:25

A surrealist sojourn narrating life as a journey laden with bread metaphors. Part parody of film noir and part existentialist exploration of observance and participation.

Katherine Terumi Shorb
          Austin, TX
task/in-progress                             05:36

task/in-progress is about race and masculinity. It uses non-linear imagery of repetitive motion to explore the monotony of masculinity and its inter-connected relationship to colonial mentalities. By locating certain iterations of masculinity on female, queer, and racialized bodies, it challenges the audience to contemplate the political and social implications of mundane, everyday rituals and events.

Corrine Bot              Rotterdam, NL
Two Sides of the Mirror           02:30

The male & female side of a boyish girl. While performing typically masculine behaviour (shaving ‘her’ beard), the girl is confronted with her feminine side in the mirror.

Ranu Mukherjee           San Francisco, CA
Sustenance                                   02:15

Sustenance is a short representing a larger body of work involving my reading to my babies--a set of triplets born in December 2006. I read science fiction while breastfeeding and art theory during play time in an attempt to feed us all simultaneously and make some absurd but authentic points of connection between babies (and motherhood), art and futurism. The readings in this short art excerpts from ‘The Scar’ China Mieville (on liquidity), JG Ballard ‘The Drowned World’ (one of the earlier texts on climate change (1962)) and Thierry DeDuve ‘Kant After Duchamp’ (on art and love). The documentary and the textual are augmented by decorative and illustrative elements, casting video as a contemporary form of illuminated manuscript.

Jan Hakon Erichsen          Oslo, Norway
Close to Home                             01:16

The camera is pointed at a coffee table at all times. For each new scene a different object is placed on it. There are no visible people in the film, but one can sense the presence of someone behind the camera doing his utmost to destroy things on the table.

Richard Jochum         New York, NY
Man/Woman                          10:00

Man/Woman is a project in which 30 people, on their walk through Central Park in New York, were asked whether they regard themselves to be a man or a woman. The question finds them unprepared--as the audience may notice in the diversity of the answers. Produced in collaboration with Voom HD Lab, it turned into a sociological inquiry with some expected, some surprising, answers. Short cuts about people’s self-representation, their ultimately blurred notion of sex, identity and gender.
No Hi-Res Image

Featured Artist:

Bill Basquin         San Francisco, CA
Mission Movie Theatres           03.00

1998. 16mm film. black & white. Silent.
Part of the Mission Diptych. Filmed in San Francisco, California on Super-8mm film. A sometimes nostalgic glimpse at the movie theatres of San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood.

No Hi-Res Image

Featured Artist:

Bill Basquin         San Francisco, CA
14th and Valencia                  03.00

1998. 16mm film. black & white. Silent.
Part of the Mission Diptych. Filmed in San Francisco, California on Super-8mm film. An atmospheric bit of open space in the city.

No Hi-Res Image

Featured Artist:

Bill Basquin         San Francisco, CA
The Ride                              10.00

2000. 16mm film. Color. Narrative.
Filmed in Manteca and Oakdale California. A meditative adventure story in which the gender of a small town cab driver is the mumbled conversation piece. Received a 2001 Golden Gate Award from the San Francisco International Film Festival. Cast: Judith Williams, Cooper Bombardier, Mark Haggarty Crew: Bill Basquin (writer, director, editor), Robert Poswall (camera), Christian Bruno (2nd camera, gaffer), Abigail Severance (assistant camera), Monroe Cummings (sound recordist), Elise Hurwitz (sound design), Natalija Vekic and Laurel Frank (production design), Jennifer Jordan Day (production manager), Justine Franko (script supervisor), Laurel Sharp (still photographer), Bridgette Coldren (make-up and hair), Deron Tse (key grip), Max Miller (best boy), Rock Ross (titles), Lewis Motisher (negative cutting)

Featured Artist:

Bill Basquin           San Francisco, CA
The Last Day of November        04.00

Part of the Range Triptych. Black & White.
Filmed in Wisconsin. On a cold November day, we follow a family of deer hunters from the field back to the barn. Cast: Frank Murn, Don Murn, Patrick Murn, Chris Johnson Crew: Bill Basquin (direction, camera, edit), Elise Hurwitz (sound mix and design), Bruce Miller (optical printing), Rock Ross (titles), Lewis Motisher (negative cutter)

Featured Artist:

Bill Basquin         San Francisco, CA
Martin                                 05.00

Part of the Range Triptych. Black & White.
Filmed in New Zealand. A farmer shears a sheep and shares his thoughts on rural life and work. Cast: Martin Denton, sheep Crew: Bill Basquin (direction, camera, and edit), Elise Hurwitz (sound design), Bruce Miller (optical printing), Rock Ross (titles), Lewis Motisher (negative cutting)

Featured Artist:

Bill Basquin         San Francisco, CA
Range                                  07.00

Part of the Range Triptych. Black & White.
A conversation about ranching and family between the filmmaker and his father. This film received a Personal Works Grant in 2004 from the Film Arts Foundation and was presented at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. Cast: Peter Basquin, Jessie Basquin, Anne Basquin, Jeanine Basquin, Sam Moore, Angela Moore, Chris Moore Crew: Bill Basquin (direction, camera, and edit), Anne Basquin (camera), Jessie Basquin (camera), Elise Hurwitz (sound design), Bruce Miler (optical printing), Rock Ross (titles), Lewis Motisher (negative cutting)

Featured Artist:

Bill Basquin         San Francisco, CA
Frank                                   02.00
2007. Black & White.
Filmed in Wisconsin. A conversation with Frank Murn about the button box accordion.