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21 Grand and Killer Banshee Studios present

the 8th Annual
T-10 Video Festival:

Two nights of short video works each clocking in at 10 minutes or less.

January 12 & 13, 2008.          Doors 8pm. Screening 8.30pm.

Doors will open at 8 pm. Screenings will commence promptly at 8:30, with each night presenting an entirely different program of works. As has become tradition each of these two nights will also feature around a half-hour's worth of work by an accomplished - and most likely underrecognized - local video artist. This year we present works by

Anthony Discenza on Saturday January 12
Bill Basquin on Sunday January 13.

The T-10 Video Festival began in December of 2000 shortly after 21 Grand first opened its doors, intended to fill the role of a popular forum in the East Bay for local artists working in video. Now, keep in mind this was over 4 years before Youtube, and during a dry spell between gluts of video art in the Bay Area. As the cultural landscape has shifted so has T-10, redefining its purpose a little more each year. 

Even, or perhaps especially, against such a hyper-egalitarian conflagration of independent video such as YouTube, a short form showcase like T-10 still holds a pertinent role: serving to accentuate the contemplation, fascination, and deliberation within these works, which are often overshadowed in large-scale forums by titillation and "stupid human tricks".

For the first time 21 Grand has invited an outside party to co-organize T-10, bringing in the technical expertise and organizational know-how of Killer Banshee Studios. KBS is a partnership of Kriss De Jong and Eliot K Daughtry, both accomplished media artists. As such they have toured as a live video act performing & collaborating with members of God is My Co-pilot,  created, produced & performed a live video/audio rendition of New York artist Fly's book PEOPs, provided dynamic backdrops for the annual Peace Out festival, are part of Illuminated Corridor, performing in outdoor live cinema events, as well as being veteran contributors to the T-10 Festival itself. Thanks to their added will power we've received the most submissions ever - from as far away as Shanghai and as close as 45th St.

Please check the website for highlights and schedule as the time approaches.

21 Grand        
416 25th Street (at Broadway), Oakland, CA 94612

21grand AT 21grand DOT org        

For press photos & other details:

Killer Banshee Studios               


Please note:

check the website or call (510) 444-7263 to verify details as the location may change, but the date will not

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 Selected videos for 2008
Saturday January 12,'08
  [see details]
Featured Artist: Anthony Discenza
Wiljago Cook  
How to Make a Sandwich  
No Doctors  
Tales Told to Tally The Tellerís Toll  
Seppo Renvall
Back to the Humanity
Mike Goodier
Tina Willgren
Wood Report
Adam Trowbridge
Vienne Chan
Ghost Tape
Matthew Dotson &
Bart Woodstrup

Song Cycle for Haruki Murakami
[movements 2 & 4]
Cynthia Hooper
Bay Dredge
Franz Keller
Pekka Sassi
Turning Green
Michael Hall
Five Constant Factors
Robert Ladislas Derr
5 Lines
Dina Danish
All the Objects from Walgreens on
Haight & Filmore that fits on Toast

Featured Artist:
Anthony Discenza
with Michael Zbyszynski

Overture (excerpted from News Cycle # 2)

Anthony Discenza

Viewing # 1

Anthony Discenza
& Torsten Z. Burns

AfterLifers: Walking & Talking
(ExtenDead Version) HalfLifers

Sunday January 13,'08 8.30pm  [see details]
Featured Artist Bill Basquin

Samara Halperin
Hard Hat Required
Jack Dingo Ryan
I Fell for You
Claire Burch
Michael & Alan Fleming
Gerard Freixes Ribera
Aislado (Isolated)
Anita Sarrett
& Gloria Bonilla

The Knitting Factory
Bang Geul Han
3 things that mom doesnít have to know
Karl Heinz Jeron
Binge Eating
Herb Heinz & Andrew Juris
Les Sommeils díHomme
(Field of Bread)
Katherine Terumi Shorb
Corrine Bot
Two Sides of the Mirror
Ranu Mukherjee
Jan Hakon Erichsen
Close to Home
Richard Jochum

Featured Artist:
Bill Basquin

Mission Movie Theatres      
14th and Valencia 

The Ride

The Last Day of November