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killer banshee is a collaborative partnership between Eliot K Daughtry and Kriss De Jong devoted to creating challenging audiovisual art works.

You will find killer banshee doing Live Video Performances & Live Video Art in galleries, private installations, various performance spaces including the sides of buildings in solo performances & group events. You will also find recorded performances of their works in festivals, galleries, museums, installations & private collections.

Unlike others using live video in conjunction with dance or music events, this pair uses an arsenal of visual imagery culled from video they've shot, archival footage, their own paintings, drawings and sculpture, to reinterpret and redefine what their art is about. While the duo works in combinations with other performers, their focus is on works of their own. Armed with Laptops and projectors, these two create intense artworks. When not working behind the video projectors, Kriss & Eliot can be found doing audio for video, recording spoken word artists, or working on their own varied art practices.

Recent live shows include:
Whitney Biennial 'NOVA' Illuminated Corridor in conjunction with Neighborhood Public Radio (NY), Le Petit Versailles (NY), Bowery Poetry Club (NY), JenRo (SF), Blue Stockings (NY), Flowershop (Chicago), illuminated corridor Prelinger on Prelinger (Cinematheque SF), ATA Other Cinema 'Double Vision' (SF), CCA Open Studios, PeaceOUT 2007, Clayton's Outlaw Gallery, BioTour show at Alwan Center for the Arts, and Carnivale at Zone Gallery.
See shows for upcoming live appearances.

Recent showings of recordings of their video work include:
ATA, 10Second Film Festival-Soap Factory Minneapolis, CCA Open Studios, Berkeley Art Center Small Film Fest, Cinema Gigante, T-10 Film Fest

They produced and performed live on tour with Fly in the PEOPs Show including in Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles & many other cities. They’ve performed via remote video projection in projects with Res Rocket at Electromuse II in Seattle & at the New Music Festival Wembley Stadium, London.

Video projects that Kriss & Eliot as Killer Banshee Studios have been involved with in partnership with Steakhaus Productions have played at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (Straightsploitation), Sundance (By Hook or By Crook) and many other festivals worldwide.

Eliot K Daughtry has worked with video since 1988, when he made works for installation at ARC Gallery and Lower Links in Chicago. He worked professionally at the Center for New Television in Chicago for 4 years, documenting other artists with video and working with video as an art form. All the while, he worked on performances as well, composing scores, and performing regularly. He recently completed his MFA at California College of the Arts. Now big-screen material comes flying out of his computer, reinterpreting his artworks in response to sound.

Kriss De Jong challenges anyone to get in the way of her and her computer. She mastered computer video for internet and DV production before most video artists knew what random access meant. With deep knowledge of technique, Kriss brings an organic mastery of beat and image to live video. As editor for Killer Banshee Studios, Kriss works magic on videos large & small, and has fine tuned work for short and feature length films from Steakhaus Productions, Lynnee Breedlove, Sini Anderson and Fly.

Killer Banshee Studios provides a wide variety of video services including:
  • motion graphics (click for examples)
  • direction
  • production
  • video editing
  • camera operator
  • sound for video/film
  • sound design
  • production sound
  • complete end to end video services
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