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<clik to enlarge> ACAC JJC PC Back <clik to enlarge> ACAC JJC PC Back
Developed by KBS as part of Kriss' work being acquired by the Alameda County Art Commission for installation in the Juvenile Justice Center.

<clik to enlarge> The Effort Was in Peril Illustration for publisizing killer banshee performance of The Effort Was In Peril at Bowery Poetry Club in tandem with other artists.
Designed & illustrated by Fly
Robot & 'The Effort Was in Peril!' © Killer Banshee Studios
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<clik to enlarge> Emergency Gender System Emergency Gender System is one of killer banshee's short pieces. You can see more about it in the video section. This card was designed by KBS to publicize that piece.

<clik to enlarge> Minor Demons <clik to enlarge> Minor Demons
KBS designed card to announce Eliot's solo show of the Minor Demons work at Femina Potens in San Francisco.

<clik to enlarge> ACAC JJC PC Back killer banshee toured the midwest & east coast trying to raise money for Kriss' medical care in 2007. They found the fuel expensive and the crowds poor...when did that d-word r-word thing start???
Photo by Eliot. Flyer design by Killer Banshee Studios.

<clik to enlarge> Greetings from Robot CityPC Front <clik to enlarge> Greetings from Robot City PC Back
Greetings from Robot City, a great body of work from Eliot, first showed at MoMO Studio in Kansas City. KBS designed this flyer to publisize opening that show.

<clik to enlarge> PEOPs Show DVD release party <clik to enlarge> PEOPs Show DVD release
Fly is busy PEOPing the world at large. When the first book of PEOPs came out killer banshee created a live video performance for the 'book tour'. On return from tour they created a DVD...KBS made this postcard for the DVD release party.

Fragrance Free Poster This poster was designed as a public service project for patients requiring in-hospital care at hospitals that are still lacking a proper fragrance-free policy for the staff.


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