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Clips Excerpted from Mobility
   'Wheelchair Crash Test'

   'Pill Count'
   'Interminable Middle'

Emergency Gender System

Politics of Fear

Clips Excerpted from The PEOPs Show
   'John Perry Barlow'

Confabulation on the Experiential Nature of Modern Medicine

'Search' from Mobility, a Work in Progress...

Mobility is about the nature of our interlocking set of experiences with medicine and what it means to live with ongoing chronic, episodic medical issues. Within the structure of this piece we address our different perspectives on the same experience through visual and performative elements that represent our conversation.

Our perspective disengages from the understood perspective of the TV medical drama and instead explores the personal archive, abstracting our own narrative to convey the sense of the loss of control over time. The Interminable middle: diagnostic hours and days, volumes of paperwork and records, ever present televisions and clocks in waiting rooms, doctors offices and hospital rooms.

This work is developed as improvisational performative video over two channels. Starting with a common pool of material, we develop and interpret our personal views of shared experience. Using loops in a live context we bridge early cinemagraphic technique into the tradition of live video within art. This allows a considered examination and deliberate manipulation of time base in the performance.

These excerpts are recorded from performances of the work.

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