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B/GLAM & QueLaCo
Visual Arts
B/GLAM & QueLaCo performances & exhibitions in the 2003 festival
B/GLAM Visual Arts, Word & Performance
QueLACo Visual Arts, Performance, Readings

Comedy Performances at the 2003 festival
Marga Gomez, Monica Palacios, Carmelita Tropicana - Latina Legends of Queer Comedy
Hanifah Walidah, Mr Murray Hill & the Wau-Wau Sisters

Dance, Theater & Performance Art in the 2003 festival
Dominique Zeltzman. Beth Lisick & Tara Jepsen.
Fresh Meat-Trans & Queer Cabaret Extravaganza & LAVA's Love, Velocity & Abstract Art

Queer Film at the 2003 festival
Latinas Lesbianas Film
Queer Women of Color Film Night & Queer Masala - Queer South Asian Films

Music at the 2003 festival
Mediums Collide/Artists Combined - Sini Anderson & Elise Baldwin w/ killer banshee studios & Veda Hille
Mr Sister - Queercore Showcase w/ live visuals by killer banshee

Performance at the 2003 festival
Liquid Fire WET-Erotic Performance, The Size of Her Rage - Queer Mixed Race respond to Domestic Violence
Taking it to the Street-performance by brOTHERs & intercourse-A sex & gender recipe for revolution

Theater at the 2003 festival
Querido-Richard Bracho, The Sor Juana Project-Opera
Brazen Femmes Queering Femininity-Anna Camilleri, Chloe Brushwood Rose & Michelle Tea w/ Queeriosity & the Monster Debut

Visual Arts at the 2003 festival
EG:(r)Evolution of Gender curated by killer banshee
Rudy Lemcke's The Forgetfulness of Being & Point Blank photography exhibit
National Queer Arts Festival
  Festival Catalog
  Festival Pass
  Additional design pieces

A full design package designed for the Queer Cultural Center's National Queer Arts Festival in  2003.
We handled all aspects of the design, including locating printers for all print materials from festival catalog, to postcards, to artist & festival passes.

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