10th Annual T-10 Video Festival: featuring works that clock in at 10 minutes or less

Festival Dates: Thursday July 15-Friday July 16, 2010

21 Grand and Killer Banshee Studios present:

The 10th Annual T-10 Video Festival
two nights celebrating short videos

Thursday July 15 & Friday July 16, 2010
Doors 8.00pm
Screening 8.30pm
21 Grand
416 25th St. at Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612

Thursday, July 15
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BIOs for all video artists in alphabetic order by last name or group name with featured artist at the end of each day.
The Bulb

AACE - The Bulb
(Abraham, Asif, Chris & Eric)

Abraham Rodriguez, Asif Haque, Chris Padilla & Eric Tharalsen are friends who met at Ex'pression College for Digital Arts in Emeryville, CA. They are first time filmmakers who bonded over their love for the art and process of expressing themselves visually. Asif has been an avid photographer since high school & brought his interest in digital cameras to the group resulting in their using his Nikon D90 one of the first SLR cameras to shoot hi-def video in the creation of their short documentary The Bulb.

Mechanical Bull

Sean Clute - Mechanical Bull

Sean Clute is an intermedia artist and Co-Artistic Director of the performance group DOUBLE VISION. His works have been presented throughout the US & Europe. www.seanclute.com

Wound Footage

Thorston Fleisch
- Wound Footage

Thorston Fleisch works with digital & experimental film & video art. With materials such as the body, crystals, fire & electricity, he works directly on 16mm film strips. Crystals are grown on the film and 30,000 volts burn through it. The results are poetic and abstract visual systems with references to catharsis, cosmos and the universe. In 2003 Fleisch received Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronica in Linz (Austria) for his computeranimated film Gestalt. High voltage is at the center of his work, as in Energie! for which he has won international acclaim.

I Said Silence

James Fontana
- I Said Silence

James Fontana is a student at Ex'pression College for the Digital Arts where he made his first short film I Said Silence with four other classmates. He grew up in Santa Barbara and moved north just recently. James brings his love of music to the starring role as the embattled 'insurgent' in a world where music is forbidden.


Makiko Fukaya - Drift

Makiko Fukaya was born in Ibaraki, Japan. She moved to the US in 2001, received her BFA in Graphic Design from the State University of New York at New Paltz, & her MFA in Computer Art fro SVA in New York. Utilizing her background in graphic design, she devotes herself to exploring the possibilities of creating computer graphics works that cross the bridge between art & design. The visuals convey much more than she can in words. Fukaya has been making 2D animation combining experimental elements. She aims to draw the audience into the moment of transiting from reality to a different time & speed.

Resonant City

Lee Hunter - Resonant City

Lee Hunter is a mixed media artist that lives & works in Oakland, CA.

Yellow Tricia Lawless Murray - Yellow

Andrew Makadsi  - Magnolia

Andrew Makadsi was born and raised in Zahle, Lebanon. In 2007 Andrew and his family moved to the United States. He Lived in New Jersey for a while and moved to Ohio to pursue his education in communication and film/video at The University of Toledo. He is an experimental video, film, and image maker who spots the light on sexuality, gender, third world issues, home, and pop-culture.

Pixel Dub

Michael Mantra - Pixel Dub

Michael Mantra is a multimedia artist with photography, graphics, writing, music and video published worldwide. His latest album Amanita Lake was released a few weeks ago on the Silentes label out of Italy. Amanita Lake is Michael’s 35th title released on micro labels worldwide. Amanita Lake is Michael's first multi disc album with 3 discs.

Yesterday's Tomorrows

Pinky Out Productions  - Yesterday's Tomorrows

Pinky Out Productions is Andy Saks, Jeron Thomson & Mike Hart

Dream of Murder

Angela Rodriguez - Dream of Murder

Angela Rodriguez is a student in Downey, CA. She is heavily influenced by both literature & films. She spends hours watching the shots that were used to communicate the important points in Three Stooges, Charlie Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy and Hitchcock films. Her study of shots, lights and effects led her to Film & TV Production classes. She's currently considering focusing her interests towards script writing.

Welcome to Shady Pines

V.K. Shah  - Welcome to Shady Pines

V.K. Shah developed a love for the arts and media growing up in New Orleans. He moved to Los Angeles to attend USC's school of Cinematic Arts. Since graduation he's acheived success as an award-winning film & television editor. He is currently focussing on his passion for directing films. The Cheapest Man in the Room & Welcome to Shady Pines have been garnering acclaim on the festival circuit. He's currently at work on a feature version of The Cheapest Man..., a hilarious comedy called Run Louisiana Run, & is collaborating with Miranda Kwok on a new feature screenplay Bless You Boys which tells the story of New Orleans through the people who love it most. www.VKShah.info

Thrift Town: Get Used

Samantha Stevens
- Thrift Town: Get Used

Samantha Stevens was born and raised in the East Bay, in the small quaint town of Point Richmond, CA. She received her education at California State University of Monterey Bay obtaining a degree in Teledramatic Arts & Technology, a major that combines Film, Television, Theatre, Radio and New Media. Documentary films are her passion, life looking through the camera lens is what she lives for.
Her latest film, The Salt of the Earth, is currently in production.
Stevens other passion is directing activist theater and has been involved with the V-Day movement for the last seven years helping raise money for organizations dedicated to stopping violence against women.
Stevens is passionate about stories that celebrate the human spirit and the working class to represent the people that are often misrepresented or forgotten altogether. She also aspires to create and collaborate on films that empower women and show them in roles of strength and survival.

Study in Choreography for Camera Remote

Study in Choreography for Camera Remote

Featured Artist: Lynn Marie Kirby

Lynn Marie Kirby creates works that draw upon the vernacular from domestic life and the landscape. She explores traces of a human presence, the residue of light, the effects of history, shifting technological recording materials, the movement of peoples, plants and systems, in the landscape around us and in our psyches. She excavates what lies below the surface, looking at the links between public and private, biographical and historical territories.

These concerns manifest through different materials--often through the use of media, from a background in cinema, but also through performative and dimensional forms from a background in performance and sculpture--from film to video to web, in installation forms, or in language, through narratives and prose.
Among her most recent projects is a series of listening events that record active listening in the company of others.

Her work has been widely exhibited in galleries and museums, including the Whitney Museum of American Art; the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Olympic Museum, Sarajevo; the Pompidou Centre in Paris; Arsenal in Berlin; Manage in St. Petersburg; Portland Museum of Art; the Kennedy Center and the Corcoran Gallery in Washington DC; LACE in Los Angeles, the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley; the Oakland Museum in Oakland; the San Francisco Cinematheque, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the de Young Museum, the Museum of Modern Art and Triple Base Gallery in San Francisco.

Kirby's films and videos have shown at film festivals around the world.



Friday, July 16
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BIOs for video artists in alphabetic order by last name or group name with the featured artist at the end of each day.
Slow Motion Suicide

Corrine Bot - Slow Motion Suicide

Corrine Bot is a Video Artist. Bot received an Audiovisual degree at Art Academy of Rotterdam after an initial degree iVideopolin Psychology at the University of Leiden. Recent showing including winning 1st Prize Total Film Festivals Cinema Paradiso Fort Lauderdale. Recent showings: Orebro Int'l Videoart Festival (Sweden), Int'l Fest. of Film & Culture (Greece), Videopolis (Baltimore, MD), LOOP Festival (Barcelona), Kino Lab (Poland), Cine Pobre (Cuba), Space Invaders Projected (Cork Ireland), GFest gayWise LGBT Arts Festival RIch Mix (London), Les Inattendus (Lyon, France), Platforma07 (Athens, Greece), Videolab Lagos (Portugal), & many other International Festivals. corrinebot.com

Keep Watching the Skies

Dastoli Digital (James & Robert Dastoli) - Keep Watching the Skies

Dastoli Digital LLC (Los Angeles) is comprised of identical twin brothers James Dastoli & Robert Dastoli. Primarily a film production company for movies directed by the brothers, Dastoli Digital LLC also offers visual effects services for corporate & entertainment venues. After making films in Stamford, Connecticut during their high school years. They attended the University of Central Florida in Orlando graduating with BFAs in film production.

The François Show

Michael Goodier  -  The François Show

Michael Goodier captures real situations, the mundane; a friend packing up his apartment to move, or, as in his film The Searchers, he documented another friend driving from the East Coast to the West. We expect documentary films to be one way and Hollywood cinema to be another. We do not expect them to overlap, and when they do strange things can happen. In this way Goodier plays with the viewers' adapted ideas of cinema. He creates films out of everyday situations, situations that we can actually relate to, without the sensational fantasy that Hollywood cinema most often constructs.Born in Rhode Island, Michael Goodier moved to California in 2002 where he currently resides in Oakland. He received his MFA in New Media from California College of the Arts and his BA in Film Studies at Rhode Island College.

Juba Kalamka  - The Honorable Henry Ford Civilization Machine

Juba Kalamka is most recognized as co-founder of “homohop” crew Deep Dickollective. He has been a speaker, panelist, and curator for numerous activist concerns, receiving a 2005 Creating Change Award from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Kalamka served as director of the PeaceOUT World HomoHop Festival, which marked its seventh and final year in 2007 and featured in the documentary Pick Up The Mic. He later appeared in Good Vibrations' G Marks the Spot (2003), Orgasm!: Faces of Ecstasy (2004) and toured with the 2006 Sex Workers Art Show. His second solo recording, Ooogabooga Under Fascism, will be released in Fall 2010 concurrent to his feature in the lyric compendium The Yale Anthology of Rap (Yale University Press). He lives in Oakland with his primary partner of seven years, their daughter, a neurotic standard poodle and a lovemongering lesbian cat. He practices polyamory both locally and globally.



Nightmare City in collaboration with Elise Irving - Findings
Nightmare City is a San Francisco based collaborative project.

We live in the present; which is simply to say we live in a version of the future past. As such we enact the endtimes, always, forever, in perpetuity. Therefore, in the spirit of hauntology, we look backwards and forwards simultaneously through all forms of obsolescence--be it outmoded video technologies, passé forms of occultism, the pseudo-science of astrology, or redundant & ineffective political/cultural movements. Inhabiting these forms, we enjoy a cathartic placebo in a world where action is rendered a meaningless or idle gesture through endless repitition.

Whispering Beast

George Pfau - Whispering Beast (Rising/Guided)

George Pfau grew up in San Francisco, where he is now living again after getting a BFA at New York University & an MFA from California College of the Arts. He completed his thesis paper about hte recognition, classification, layering & mapping of the human body as seen through the pop-cultural notion of the zombie. This summer he is making work at the Wassaic Project residency and heading to Salzburg, Austria in August as winner of the Daisy Soros Fine Art Prize.


Kathleen Quillian - Wasteland

Kathleen Qillian received her MFA in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2003. She makes collaborative multi-media installations & performances with Gilbert Guerrero as well as individual work in single-channel video and animation. www.dprojx.org

"Cardboard" for Robert Rauschenberg

Damon Smith  - "Cardboard" for Robert Rauschenberg

Damon Smith studied double bass with many notables. He's done considerable research of th e"sonic palette" of the double bass. This has resulted in a personal, flexible improvisational language based in the American jazz avant garde movement & European non-ideomatic free improvisation. He is influenced by visual art, film and dance. Work with director Werner Herzog & an early performance with the Merce Cunningham dance company reflect this. He has collaboratted with a wide range of musicians including Cecil Taylor, Marshall Allen (Sun Ra Arkestra) Henry Kaiser, Birgit Ulher, Fred Frith, Peter Brötzman & many others. He often works with the Bay Area Creative Music Community.
Recent work with video is very much a product of hte digital age. The ability to experience the history of video art through Ubuweb and other sources on iPods during long flights, lines at the post office etc, as well as having a digital camera at all times to capture footage in the moment is the basis of his growing body of video work. www.balancepointacoustics.com

Forest Feed

Jerry Smith
- Forest Feed

Jerry Smith is an artist living in Oakland. He makes paintings and intermedia works & teaches.

James Kaiser is a sound artist living in Berkeley.


Elizabeth Tolson - Look

Elizabeth Irene Tolson was born in Havre de Grace, Maryland. The eldest of four daughters, Elizabeth's childhood was unique in that both of her parents served as officers in the United States Army. Growing up in a military family allowed her to experience many different cultures in both the United States and abroad.
Elizabeth graduated from Alfred University in May 2010, where she completed a degree in Fine Arts and minored in Art History. As an emerging artist, she is driven and passionate about her line of work and she consistently strives to learn and evolve as she creates.

See No Evil

Catie Vercammen-Grandjean  - See No Evil

Catie Vercammen-Grandjean grew up in Novato as a determined artist. Though she initially intended to study Marine Biology she graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from UCSC and is now continuing her education at Ex'pression College for Digital Arts. Her first movie See No Evil was a challenging project working around extreme camera angles (avoiding the puppets lack of lower bodies) and keeping the puppets in position from a cramped position on the ground with other puppeteers. She feels the pains were worth it seeing the finished project.

How Far is it to EXPO 2010

Hong Zhang - How Far is it to EXPO 2010

Bio coming soon.

Viva Zapatos!! LONG LIVE SHOES!!!

Fly - Viva Zapatos!! LONG LIVE SHOES!!!

Fly is a fantastic artist much loved by all who know her. She has lived in the Lower East Side for almost 3 decades now. Her work has been seen in museums, theaters, art galleries, on building walls, in zines & anarchist gatherings all over the world. Music by her band Zero Content. Her websites are currently being reworked, but you can see them soon...or in the state they are in now flyspage.com peops.org

Wake for Analog

Unleashed Power

Feature Artist: killer banshee  -
Unleashed Power, Wake for Analog

(Experimental video collaborative artists Eliot K Daughtry & Kriss De Jong)

killer banshee distills culture, politics & technology, exploring notions of public & private resource, examined in moments of performance emphasizing video as material and content. Driven by opposing points of view taken from the contradictory nature of personal documents and public media representation, their work exposes and manipulates both record and archive. Alternately intimate and formal, their work is a richly complex synthesis experience.

killer banshee has presented site specific, multi screen live cinema works in venues ranging from the Oakland Museum of California, The Bowery Poetry Club in NYC, Artist's Television Access in San Francisco to the 2008 Whitney Biennial. They are advisors and longtime participants in the Illuminated Corridor series of public art events, and have recently shown in galleries including SPACE242 in Boston MA and 21 Grand in Oakland CA. 



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