10th Annual T-10 Video Festival: featuring works that clock in at 10 minutes or less

Festival Dates: Thursday July 15-Friday July 16, 2010

21 Grand and Killer Banshee Studios present:

The 10th Annual T-10 Video Festival
two nights celebrating short videos

Friday July 16, 2010
Doors 8.00pm
Screening 8.30pm
21 Grand
416 25th St. at Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612

Friday featured artist:
killer banshee

Friday, July 16
(see bios)
Descriptions are currently in alphabetic order by artist name. Order will change to play order when it is set.
Slow Motion Suicide

Corrine Bot - Slow Motion Suicide

A woman plants a really small tree in a field where nothing will ever grow. She gives the tree water, obviously in vain. She winds a hangman's rope around the tree's branches and puts the rope around her neck. She sits next to the tree and waits… Gives the tree water... Waits....


Keep Watching the Skies

Dastoli Digital (James & Robert Dastoli) - Keep Watching the Skies

People of Earth! Attention! Will you be prepared when the invasion comes? Out of the saucer ship will come an evil force that seeks to replace our freedoms with a barbaric way of life, through artistic projections and live action dramatizations this 1950's style civil defense film encapsulates the mid-20th century communist paranoia


The François Show

Michael Goodier  -  The François Show

François, the cat, is an existential philosopher who spends his days laying on the couch, eating kibble, and lounging around the backyard in the sun. He is a postmodern Garfield for the Youtube generation.


Image coming soon

Juba Kalamka  - The Honorable Henry Ford Civilization Machine

Description coming soon.



Nightmare City in collaboration with Elise Irving - Findings
Nightmare City is a San Francisco based collaborative project.

a sort of "Subterranean Homesick Blues" (music?) video in which the Nightmare City twins consider what lies between not boring and not interesting


Whispering Beast

George Pfau - Whispering Beast (Rising/Guided)

Whispering Beast (rising/guided)" is a video of a cream colored dog, her shadow, and her unseen guide. I'm very interested in how dogs are so anthropomorphic. To explore how the malleability of the figure's agency and recognizability, I manipulated the speed of the video to emphasize the dog's transitions from four legs to two. One influence for this video was a painting by Francis Bacon, "Paralytic Child Walking on All Fours (from Muybridge)" (1961) in which a small human figure is walking on its hands and feet. Another relevant idea comes from the unseen driving force, or hidden puppet-master present in zombie films.

The videography was done by Kristina Willemse, an Oakland based filmmaker.


Kathleen Quillian - Wasteland

Through stop motion animation "Wasteland" follow the path of the industrial food system from field to table & back & shows how the industry operated at the expense of the health of the society it was designed to feed.


"Cardboard" for Robert Rauschenberg

Damon Smith  - "Cardboard" for Robert Rauschenberg

I always loved Rauschenberg's cardboard work, his response to minimal art, he used pure cardboard
  on the wall and later did ceramic multpules based on the wall works.
I saw some at the Seattle Art Museum years ago on tour and it always stuck with me.
I used the food and eating sections to break things up and reference Rauschenberg's idea of working
  between art and life.
I am using lloopp software to process field recordings and the film is all from a small digital camera.


Forest Feed

Jerry Smith
- Forest Feed

The forest & a young boy's mind are subsumed by digitally derived geometric pattern & glitch.



Elizabeth Tolson - Look

Viewing & wanting to be viewed. "Look" provides a glimpse into the objectification of women thru the eyes of a woman.

See No Evil

Catie Vercammen-Grandjean  - See No Evil

A black comedy about a man battling a neighborhood gang to save what's left of his family. Told entirely thruough the use of hand puppets.

How Far is it to EXPO 2010

Hong Zhang - How Far is it to EXPO 2010

In my performance art, I tried to measure out how far away it is from my home to Expo Site 2010. The start point was at my home, No.342 Northern Chongqing Road, which is in a narrow and shabby lane near downtown of Shanghai. I used manhole covers to measure the distance. The numbers of manhole covers would be used as the marks, I was going to Figure out them through different ways until I obtain the distance at last. Finally, the job done, I reached the Expo Site. What a long distance. At end of the trip, the path I had covered impressively jumped out from the map. Obviously, the Figure of the path is a huge question mark, and the point of the question mark is just located on the site of Expo. I know how far it is from my home to Expo Site 2010, but I don't know how far it is to a better city.

Viva Zapatos!! LONG LIVE SHOES!!!

Fly - Viva Zapatos!! LONG LIVE SHOES!!!

Description coming soon.

Wake for Analog

Unleashed Power

Feature Artist: killer banshee  -
Unleashed Power, Wake for Analog

(Experimental video collaborative artists Eliot K Daughtry & Kriss De Jong)

'Unleashed Power' Uses found & personal material, imagery & text pulled from deposition transcripts to examine the representation of ACT-UP demonstrations through the lens of a single incident...police violence experienced by Kriss during the Chicago ACT-UP AMA Demo in June, 1991. 

'A Wake for Analog' celebrates the passing of analog broadcast into the dustbin of culture. Analog took with it phenomena that now exist as metaphorical relics and digital quotation: vertical roll, sync distortion, snow, visual flatness, frequency interference, phase, light trailing and iris ephemera. Analog is dead, long live Analog!



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