10th Annual T-10 Video Festival: featuring works that clock in at 10 minutes or less

Festival Dates: Thursday July 15-Friday July 16, 2010

21 Grand and Killer Banshee Studios present:

The 10th Annual T-10 Video Festival
two nights celebrating short videos

Thursday July 15 &
Friday July 16, 2010

Doors 8.00pm
Screening 8.30pm
21 Grand
416 25th St. at Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612

This year's featured artists:
Lynn Marie Kirby , Thursday July 15
killer banshee, Friday July 16

21 Grand and Killer Banshee Studios present:

The 10th Annual T-10 Video Festival
two nights celebrating short videos

July 15 & 16, 2010
Doors 8.00pm
Screening 8.30pm

21 Grand 416 25th St. at Broadway, Oakland

An hour of videos under 10 minutes long each night, followed by a 30 minute feature on a local, accomplished and often under-recognized video artist.

This year's featured artists:
     Lynn Marie Kirby, Thursday July 15
    killer banshee, Friday July 16

Video, once deemed the bastard sibling of film, with its low resolution, electronic flatness and proletarian personality, has become the ubiquitous face of media production and consumption. Film, once the primary media of cinema, has been supplanted. Still it refuses to yield, admitting that most productions involve no film. Coupled with the rapid growth of DSLR cameras that capture HD, is it still possible to define the difference now between "film" and "video"? How do works that exist outside of narrative conceit find an audience?

The personal and immediate nature of video recording works to the advantage of the amateur and the artist, subverting the commercial system of entertainment that insists we are consumers before we are citizens. Video now represents a collapsed media field that must combine the philosophical intent of cinema with the vernacular of YouTube, while supporting unexpected and unanticipated explorations of the moving image.

This year's T-10 Video Festival reflects the broad field of video, including experimental documentary, narrative shorts, animations and expanded media works. This year's entries showcase local, national and international works exploring themes as diverse as industrial food production, the collapse of the American housing market, to the existential musings of a house cat.

Lynn Marie Kirby

Lynn Marie Kirby creates works that draw upon the vernacular from domestic life and the landscape. She explores traces of a human presence, the residue of light, the effects of history, shifting technological recording materials, the movement of peoples, plants and systems, in the landscape around us and in our psyches. She excavates what lies below the surface, looking at the links between public and private, biographical and historical territories.

These concerns manifest through different materials--often through the use of media, from a background in cinema, but also through performative and dimensional forms from a background in performance and sculpture--from film to video to web, in installation forms, or in language, through narratives and prose.

Among her most recent projects is a series of listening events that record active listening in the company of others.

Her work has been widely exhibited in galleries and museums, including the Whitney Museum of American Art; the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Olympic Museum, Sarajevo; the Pompidou Centre in Paris; Arsenal in Berlin; Manage in St. Petersburg; Portland Museum of Art; the Kennedy Center and the Corcoran Gallery in Washington DC; LACE in Los Angeles, the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley; the Oakland Museum in Oakland; the San Francisco Cinematheque, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the de Young Museum, the Museum of Modern Art and Triple Base Gallery in San Francisco.

Kirby's films and videos have shown at film festivals around the world.

killer banshee (Experimental video collaborative artists Eliot K Daughtry & Kriss De Jong)
killer banshee distills culture, politics & technology, exploring notions of public & private resource, examined in moments of performance emphasizing video as material and content. Driven by opposing points of view taken from the contradictory nature of personal documents and public media representation, their work exposes and manipulates both record and archive. Alternately intimate and formal, their work is a richly complex synthesis experience.

killer banshee has presented site specific, multi screen live cinema works in venues ranging from the Oakland Museum of California, The Bowery Poetry Club in NYC, Artist's Television Access in San Francisco to the 2008 Whitney Biennial. They are advisors and longtime participants in the Illuminated Corridor series of public art events, and have recently shown in galleries including SPACE242 in Boston MA and 21 Grand in Oakland CA. 

Plus videos from:
AACE, Pinky Out Productions: Andy Saks, Jeron Thomson, Mike Hart, Sean Clute, Thorsten Fleisch, James Fontana, Makiko Fukaya, Lee Hunter, Tricia Lawless Murray, Andrew Makadsi, Michael Mantra, Angela Rodriguez, V.K. Shah, Samantha Stevens, Corrine Bot, James & Robert Dastoli, Michael Goodier, Juba Kalamka, Nightmare City in collaboration with Elise Irving, George Pfau, Kathleen Quillian, Damon Smith, Jerry Smith, Elizabeth Tolson, Catie Vercammen-Grandjean, Hong Zhang, Fly

The 10th Annual T-10 Video Festival is curated by Darren Jenkins, 21 Grand & Eliot K Daughtry & Kriss De Jong, Killer Banshee Studios.

The 10th Annual T-10 Video Festival is organized by 21 Grand and Killer Banshee Studios.

Highlights, Artist List and Schedule at: killerbanshee.com/t-10

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