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For Immediate Release:
Robots: In Our Image
a presentation by Eliot K Daughtry,
Executive Director/Founder of the
Robot Identification Institute
a video performance by killer banshee
Friday, December 4, 2009
8:00pm - 9:00pm
Robot Identification Institute @ 21 Grand
416 25th St @ Broadway [nr 19th St BART]
Oakland CA 94612
Robot Taxonomy Chalkboard clipping

Most of the world's robots are industrial, but most of the ones we imagine look like humans. Why do we think about one and use another? How can a robot be a human and also be an artificial intelligence? Why are we comfortable with some robots, but find others creepy? Why are more robots male than female? This presentation will discuss major areas of the Robot Taxonomy Project, an ongoing effort to classify all types of robots and why humans create them.

Eliot K Daughtry, Executive Director and Founder of the RII, explores the cultural meaning of robots.  More concerned with why we create robots, than how to make robots, Daughtry examines narrative patterns, industrial development, and visual representations to reveal and refute underlying assumptions about robots and their meanings. 

killer banshee, a collaboration between Kriss De Jong and Eliot K Daughtry explores the intersection of public and private archives, manipulating video, images and sound in real time. 

This presentation will be followed by the closing reception for the Robot Taxonomy Project at 21 Grand.

Suggested Donation: $5
for more information:

The Robot Identification Institute is open at 21 Grand
416 25th St, Oakland CA 94612

Office Hours:
Thu 4-8 pm
Fri 4-6 pm
Sat-Sun 2-6 pm

or by appointment scheduled via rii AT uncannyvalley DOT net

Check back here for more about this upcoming lecture/performance piece.

The gallery is open for regular Art Murmur hours of 7-10pm on the 4th as well.

Go to for more about the Robot Identification Institute and other UVA projects.

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